Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday,April 8

Today, on my way to crash my friends Margaret's class, I stopped and explored my local produce dept. I stumbled across the Strawberries... They sat all lined up and ready to go. I of course like sooooo many other painters started to examine all the packages to decide which ones would be the nicest to paint.

After checking out and trying not to be over protective of my "fresh berries" I protected them in the car and off to class I went. They were a big hit amongst the others in class some were even adpoted my loving painters and the subjects in many paintings. I had to leave before others were finished painting, I would have like to take some pics of the others....

Here's today's painting. Fresh Berries... I feel good about it, it was quick and somewhat easy. Thanks to Margaret for letting me crash her class and her help, support and encouragement. I spent about 90 min. painting it. I was reading in one of my books, the author was challenging artists to paint in a specific amount of time. He suggested planning an hour a day for 3 months. Number your paintings, paint everyday for one hour and stop after the 60min. When your 3 months is up you will see how you were able to get from a point of not being able to get your info onto a canvas in 60min to a point where you are now finishing your little painting in an hour or less.

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  1. Nice job Tim. Carol would be so proud to see that you're using Munsell wheel color compliments.