Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday May 29

This week's class, outdoor stillife, was taken indoors because of weather.. again.. sooo.. we had out "set ups" by the window. All the light came through the window. I again used a pallete knife instead of brushes. My instructor, Margaret, likes to challenge me on color mixing and painting my lights and darks. The class really liked my painting.

I am seeing my progress. The pics were both taken inside I will post 2.. maybe if the sun is out over the weekend I will try to take a better pic.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19

Here's another painting from my class. This was a set up from last week, the tulips were just about ready to go to the big garden in the sky.. or landfill. They were looking pretty sad but I thought i would try to enjoy one last moment before the petals fell off. I used a pallete knife. It was fun and yes I used lots of paint. A friend asked "were you frosting a cake"? But again, my current challenge is the amount of paint I use.

Monday May 18

This weekend I sat in on Franny's class at the gallery. Her challenge to me was to use more paint. This has been a big struggle for me. I tend not to use enough paint, or mix enough color. I am trying to get myself to a place of confidence with my paint, technique, size that I am painting etc. Who knew there would be soooo many decisions???

The "Pear" is 12x12 on canvas. I painted it in a dark corner of the gallery with light on the "pear" I like where it is. I am actually going to bring it to a local "condo community" that holds fundraisers in the models. One of the organizers contacted the gallery for "Art" to hang and have available for "sale"... we shall see if it makes the cut....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, May 5

I am back! After some bad paintings, 1/2 done paintings etc.

I painted with a couple of friends at the gallery today, Oceanside 17, Franny, Jeanne, and Margaret. I decided to hide in the corner and do my own thing. I like where things went. It was interesting to see how things were coming together and discovered the things that I struggle with. But, at the end, I am happy with the outcome.

I start my "outdoor" stillife class tomorrow, it should be interesting! The forcast is for rain tomorrow... ahhh...

It was very nice to get into a painting today... Lots of paint, although I need to use more, big and small brushes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 17

Plein Air! Today I did it, went out with a couple of friends and did my first plein air painting. Got all my info down and laid in. It is an amazing day here. Sunny and warm. I still have to spend some time on it, it is 12x16 oil on canvas. It was fun!

Can't wait to get back out there. I will also post another pic when I get it finished up. There is a pic of my painting and one of my painting on my easel at the side of the dirt road looking back towards the summer houses. There are some cool old houses out here to paint, these ones like most are still boarded up and waiting for the return of summer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday April 15

Yesterday was painting day with some Artist friends. I did a couple of quick paintings we paint for a few hours, most of the time is spent laughing.

I worked on oranges and strawberries. This "slice" is pretty simple. I am finding that when I stay basic, I feel better about my results. Looking at it this morning, I see things that I should "pick" at. But, It is staying the way it is. It is a lesson, I really do learn something with every painting. Doesn't matter how the painting turns out, it is all a learning experience.

I am also signing up for an "Outdoor Still Life" class that starts in a couple of weeks. It should be fun.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday April 9

Ok, So I went back to a Pear! I feel better. Did it fast and after posting it I went back and picked it for a couple of minutes.