Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, May 5

I am back! After some bad paintings, 1/2 done paintings etc.

I painted with a couple of friends at the gallery today, Oceanside 17, Franny, Jeanne, and Margaret. I decided to hide in the corner and do my own thing. I like where things went. It was interesting to see how things were coming together and discovered the things that I struggle with. But, at the end, I am happy with the outcome.

I start my "outdoor" stillife class tomorrow, it should be interesting! The forcast is for rain tomorrow... ahhh...

It was very nice to get into a painting today... Lots of paint, although I need to use more, big and small brushes.


  1. Tim, Nice job. Flowers are hard. Love the vase.

  2. This is a good strong floral, van gogh like! I am glad to see you are back with the brushes! I like the variations on the turning flowerheads.

  3. Great job Tim. I tried some sunflowers not too long ago and ended up doing a wipe down. Someday I'll try again.

  4. Tim...good to see you back!!! Nice...strong brushstrokes! Good job, flowers are tough!

  5. Thanks everyone... sunflowers are actually the first thing i painted over the summer with Franny... they are easier than most think.. it's more about the colors, and layers.. than the "flower"... one artist that shows at the gallery, Ros Farbush, gave me the best advice.. "Paint what you see not what it is, paint the shapes, not the object. If you do this the "object" will appear".. best thing she could give me...