Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19

Here's another painting from my class. This was a set up from last week, the tulips were just about ready to go to the big garden in the sky.. or landfill. They were looking pretty sad but I thought i would try to enjoy one last moment before the petals fell off. I used a pallete knife. It was fun and yes I used lots of paint. A friend asked "were you frosting a cake"? But again, my current challenge is the amount of paint I use.


  1. Hi Tim! I can see a progression in your work, the classes must be excellent! I see interesting hand here at modeling the forms and yes, more paint here is attractive! The tulips look good bleeding off the edge, it makes for a good composition!

  2. Tim....Nice job! Your work with the knife is great, I love the looseness that you achieved and the energy of the strokes! I think the knife really helps with keeping it loose, I know it helps me!! Your colors work so well together...you go!