Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16

It's Monday morning and attempted to paint this weekend. I started twice and wiped them off... needless to say... It's a new day and will get something posted this afternoon. While I was "blocked" this weekend, I did take some time to set up my "space".. here's a picture of my new space.. check back later for today's painting...


  1. I like seeing the progression of pears - and the last one you did I really, really like. I think doing a 'series' lets you open up a bit, takes the pressure off. Your studio looks great - go to it, Tim!

  2. I agree with Kelley, working on a series lets you learn from your previous work and experiment with something different on the next one, nice job.

    Great work space, my basement is definitely not picture worthy!

  3. Hey Tim, nice set up, I work in a corner of my kitchen. Sometimes I stir my dinner with the paintbrush by mistake.....