Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 17

Today, I attempted 2 pears. I am thinking about changing fruit, these are starting to become a little more ripe than they should be for a still life. Thanks for taking a look. Tommorrow, maybe an apple or 2....


  1. Hi Tim! I can see progression in the pear work you are doing! Keep up the great work. I looked over the worksheet again...and the idea of the value studies and dominant value/dominant color still seems like a challenge to me. doesnt it seem like we are learning some math concept that wants to ellude our understanding?

  2. Tim, Great colors in this one. Keep up the good work! Nice studio space. Thanks so much for linking me. I just linked you.

  3. These pears look great. The curvy composition of the two is very appealing. Great color.